Website Purpose and Vision

Note: this website is continually a work-in-progress.

This website provides links to free online information about today's world problems and many of the intelligent solutions to these problems, as proposed by academic leaders and scientists. These information websites are from non-profit organizations and academic sources, each concerned about a particular problem or issue. The purpose of this website here is to make this important and relevant information available to anyone interested in learning about world problems and solutions. This website is, in other words, a selective search tool for understandable information and research on the current world problems of today, without links to business and purchasing hype as one would have with google or other ordinary searches.

Topics are arranged from general to specific. Each of the five Main Topics are divided into various subtopics and each of these also have subtopics, until finally the Learner can choose a link from the many information websites covering that specific topic.

As more of us are better educated about our current global problems and their possible solutions, we will then be able to better guide political leaders and initiate social changes for a more intelligent future. Also, many people learning from this website will wish to join in the educational or social-political work of specific organizations because of the information provided.

A further aim of this website is to provide online educational resources for high school students, so that they can easily access relevant information about any major world problem or topic, in order to learn more in-depth about the problem and solutions. Also, this website will be useful for research projects and essays. Coming soon will be suggestions for students and teachers on how to easily research information and produce research or summary essays based on fundamental critical thinking questions. Students and teachers will be more assured about the quality and validity of information gathered from this website, since there are no business or advertizing purposes in it.

An additional vision of this website is that high school credits can be earned by doing research essays based on these resources. Teachers and academic administrators, in both secondary and college education, could create elective courses on the subject of world problems and solutions, then use this website as pathways to learning. As a suggestion, a first semester course could be an overview of the main world problems and some of their basic solutions. Then in the second semester students could decide what specific issues to study further, then produce research projects and presentations from this. Or alternatively, teachers might choose a particular topic or world issue, then create a course on this using these website resources.

It is also hoped that students and all users of this website will have an opportunity to contribute to its evolution – by contributing new ideas, useful information websites, or perhaps better summaries. In other words, this website is envisioned to develop further with suggestions and direction from enthusiastic readers. And to come, learners will be able to join an online World Solutions Forum for discussions. Also envisioned is that readers/users will give a rating, or a thumbs up or thumbs down, to any website link, so that the best information links can be seen above the others.

The Vision of this website is that anyone or any group may contribute to the education and elucidation of world/global issues, problems and solutions, and if anyone disagrees with anything already presented or has a better clarification or a better solution to suggest, then this could be presented in a discussion-style forum or at least suggested to the webdirector. Over time, certain people or groups might be regraded as having more expertise in evaluating the quality or facts of information sites. Also envisioned is to set up an easy and quick way for readers to rate the site currently in view.

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Giving Feedback: Evaluate the quality of presently shown websites

As well, readers of this site are welcome to give us useful feedback (positive or negative) about the information links already shown. Simply copy the website address or its title, but also include the topic or subtopic it's under. Then tell us if its really good or really dreadful. This feedback will greatly help to make our website better, so that the very best information sites are shown and lesser quality sites are dropped. What we value most is true and well-organized information, along with ease of reading & understanding, and some sites have a quality of inspiring social or political action.

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How teachers, organizations, students, or anyone can contribute to this website

The vision is that teachers, educational organizations and informational websites will work together as a collaborative educating community, developing world educational courses and materials for the purpose of students gaining objective knowledge about world problems and practical intelligent solutions.

Teachers will be able to share lesson plans and ideas, regarding specific world issues. They will be able to submit lessons and assignments, or use lessons and assignments developed from other teachers. Already present in this website are educational resources and lesson ideas from particular education sources. Teachers will find this website very useful, because it easily leads students to information and research on world-problem issues. Soon to come we will have some webpages devoted to:

How to submit useful information websites to be included

If wanting to suggest an information website or webpage to be included in this search directory, then please also include just one sentence about its content, and also suggest what topic or issue it should be listed under. Multiple sites can be suggested, but please not a massive barrage. And please make sure the site(s) are well organized for easy understanding and have valid importance to the topic or issue. We would like to have the VERY BEST information webpages for any given issue, problem or solution.

Organizations or Websites devoted to solving world problems and promoting a positive global future are encouraged to please submit links/addresses to your information WebPages, along with a very brief title or description of each, and also a topic-issue category in which to place it. This website already has hundreds of links to information sources and organizations dedicated to solving world problems. But any non-profit organizations or websites, not yet represented in our links, can submit their links to this site to be added to our search structure – if they have sufficient quality and ease of readability. Solution-based and tech-solving businesses can also provide useful practical information for particular topics or issues, but sales-pitches must be avoided. All website links will be assessed for quality, truthfulness, and ease of understanding. Academic and scientific scrutiny are encouraged, regarding all facts or claims. Factual objectivity will be upheld, and implicated values will be freely discussed.

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Organizations are also encouraged to suggest 'Vocational Pathways' towards world-solution vocations and activism, which will show readers and students how to personally contribute towards solving world problems and making our world a better place. This could include information on possible internships, paid jobs, or volunteer opportunities.

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